Eleanor Mills

Founder and Editor in Chief , Noon

Eleanor Mills is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Noon (noon.org.uk) a new website, platform and community to empower women in midlife. An award-winning Editor, Eleanor spent 23 years at The Sunday Times as a columnist, Editorial Director and as Editor of the Sunday Times Magazine. She began her career as an interviewer and has interrogated everyone from Mikhail Gorbachev to David Cameron, Theresa May (the famous leather trousers debacle) and Sheryl Sandberg. She was Chair of Women in journalism from 2014-2021, where she has campaigned tirelessly for more diversity in the media and the necessity for it to be a true reflective mirror not a distorting lens. She is the Diversity Lead on the board of the Society of Editors, a boardmember of Reporters Sans Frontieres and believes passionately in press freedom. Her publications include Cupcakes and Kalashnikovs – 100 Years of the Best Journalism by Women (published by Hachette and on the A level syllabus) and she is working on her first novel, about midlife transformation. As CEO of consultancy InHerSpace Ltd (Inhrespace.co.uk) she works on narrativity, with high-performing women and CEOS, helping them tell their own stories to establish their personal brand and conducts media training. She also works with some of the world’s biggest brands on how they talk to the midlife female cohort.